Amendra K Singh

Amendra is a highly experienced and skilled advocate who has been practising as a lawyer in NSW since 1992 and as a barrister since 2005. He has more than 16 years experience as a specialist criminal lawyer.

This website provides details about Amendra’s practice as a lawyer and further helpful information about the areas of law he practices in. If you are in police custody or need urgent advice, please phone Amendra on 0403 773 017.


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Areas of practice

Criminal Law

  • Defended hearings

  • Sentencing

  • Bail


  • Dismissal

  • Recovery of wages

  • Industrial entitlements

Civil Litigation

  • Contracts

  • Debt recovery

  • Equity

Family Law

  • Property orders

  • Children’s orders

  • Divorce


  • Race discrimination

  • Sex discrimination

  • Victimisation

Traffic Law

  • Drink driving

  • Dangerous driving

  • Negligent driving